HKgi – Inver Grove Heights – 2040 Comprehensive Plan

The City of Inver Grove Heights' land use plan plays a key role in guiding development and redevelopment in Inver Grove Heights. This future land use plan identifies the location, intensity, and nature of future development and redevelopment in the City, and establishes the framework in which future development will occur. This plan is intended to guide redevelopment of various existing developed areas in the City, as well as the future development and growth of remaining undeveloped areas in Inver Grove Heights, to achieve the community's goals for balanced and efficient growth and the protection of natural resources and key open space and recreational areas.

The Inver Grove Heights 2040 Comprehensive Plan used an interactive map to showcase future land use examples, and gather surveys to understand what people liked and didn't like. The map also allowed residents to mark and note locations that they liked or disliked.