Coffs Harbour, NSW – Jetty foreshore precinct consultation

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The Coffs Harbour foreshore area contains several areas of land that are owned by the NSW Government, which have potential for positive development and activation to create a thriving new area within the city and region. 

The precinct has been identified by various government agencies as having potential for revitalisation, particularly given the opportunity arising from the significant proportion of land owned by the state government.

The NSW Government will develop a master plan for the foreshore in consultation with the community and other key stakeholders, and then consider how the government land is best repurposed and managed to achieve the master plan outcomes. 

The consultation process will be broad and transparent and invite input on how the land might be used and activated, including public infrastructure and open space, public amenity and property development. It is envisaged that the consultation is likely to be a six month process and will be open to all through Social Pinpoint.

You can read more about the project objectives and consultation activities here

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