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City of Maplewood, Minnesota – Maplewood Comprehensive Plan

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The City of Maplewood, Minnesota is in the early stages of developing its 2040 Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is a document that helps implement the long-range vision of the community. It addresses land use, housing, transportation, water resources, parks, trails, open space, sustainability, natural resources, historical resources, and economic competitiveness. It is a primary tool used by the City Council as well as various City boards and commissions to help make informed recommendations and decisions.

To understand the City's existing conditions, the City of Maplewood is utilising Social Pinpoint's interactive mapping tool to gather resident feedback as part of its community engagement strategy. The Social Pinpoint map allows the community to provide location-based comments throughout the City, providing valuable data that will help the City identify what issues and opportunities currently exist, allowing for collaborative and informed decision making.

The City has hired planning consultants Hoisington Koegler Group Inc. to assist with the process. The process is expected to take about a year, with anticipated completion in mid-2018.

More information about the Maplewood 2040 Comprehensive Plan here.