Companion Animals Management Plan (CAMP) for Callan Park

In 2021, the Callan Park Landscape Structure Plan (LSP) for Callan Park was endorsed by the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces as the blueprint for the park’s transformation into a world-class open space that celebrates Callan Park’s unique heritage and waterfront setting.

Community consultation to inform the LSP indicated the community wants improved sharing and cohesion among different user groups in Callan Park to ensure safe and equitable access. The preparation of a Companion Animals Management Plan (CAMP) for Callan Park is one of the actions included in the LSP as a result of the community feedback.

Throughout 2021, the Greater Sydney Parklands (GSP) will undertake community and stakeholder consultation to inform the development of a CAMP for Callan Park. A Social Pinpoint project page has been set up to help capture key feedback from the community.

The CAMP will provide clear direction on managing dogs in Callan Park, including clearly identifying on- and off-leash areas and providing infrastructure, amenities or experiences that could be provided for dogs and their owners.

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment will prepare a draft CAMP that is anticipated to be exhibited for community review and feedback later in 2021.

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