Interactive Mapping for Engagement

Location Based Engagement

Social Pinpoint is the market leading platform to help increase the quality of your data by letting your community show you exactly where their feedback, ideas and concerns relate.

Social Pinpoint Interactive Mapping

Using interactive mapping is one of the most effective ways to engage with your community and stakeholders. Proven to have one of the highest participation rates of any digital engagement tools; online mapping unlocks insights that help you to make real decisions on your next public involvement project.

Easy Setup

Our self service administration portal makes it quick and easy to set up your projects with customisation of content, colours, branding, icons and more.

Instant Feedback

Get real-time feedback on comments and ideas; optionally allow users to vote and discuss feedback from other participants. Sort and filter the data, export to excel or access through our secure API.

Moderation & Review

Maintain control with in-build profanity filters, URL and image review tools, moderation tools including email notifications, tagging comments and more.

Powerful Reporting

Turn data into information. Use the in-built reports and dashboarding tools. Track real time user analytics, participation rates, and levels of engagement.

Social Media Integration

Optionally connect your project to popular Social Media platforms through our in-built integrations. Allow users to share feedback and promote your project to increase traffic to your site.

Works everywhere

Responsive design allows your project to work on all common browsers and devices. Desktop, tablet and mobile users can all get involved.

Feature Project


The City of Newcastle - Stevenson Park Masterplan

The City of Newcastle spent a month using a separate interactive map to gather initial input from residents in the beginning phases of their masterplan for a park and playground. From this previous input, they have put together three separate concept proposals for the plan. They are now asking community members to view the three concepts and comment on what they like and dislike on each individual concept.

Social Pinpoint is a useful engagement tool to display proposed road upgrade designs and a chance for the community to leave comments and view each others comments

- Laura, VicRoads

The Social Pinpoint map brought the project to them on a personal level

- Charles, Yuma Metropolitan Planning Organization