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Social Pinpoint partners with local specialists who can help you get the best outcomes from your next engagement project.

We recognize that you can bring a skill set that is over and above what Social Pinpoint can bring alone. By working together, we can help you achieve a superior outcome and an innovative way to reach more stakeholders.

Please contact us if you would like to become a Solutions Partner or if you are seeking local assistance.

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Planning Communities

Innovative problem solvers and proactive industry leaders in designing collaborative social, environmental, GIS/geospatial planning and technical solutions, bridging the gap between planning, policy, and business needs through creative, engaging, integrated strategies for healthy, active, resilient and equitable communities for all.

Our core mission is to serve the social and environmental needs of our clients while also addressing fundamental local and global challenges in the areas of climate action, clean and renewable energy technologies, economic, sustainability and community resiliency and adaptation, healthy and active transportation systems built on an equitable framework. Our Firm is founded on the principle of doing good in balancing the highest industry standards for people, planet, and profits.

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GHD has a proud and long history of working hand-in-hand with private, public and non-government clients and communities. GHD seeks engagement and input on many levels — in infrastructure development, environmental planning, urban and open space planning, residential and commercial developments, community consultation and social planning.

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HKGi believes that design, when inspired by the character of the people and the land, can create a unique and identifiable sense of community. HKGI aspire to provide their clients with meaningful and appropriate community planning, urban design and landscape architectural services that create this sense of community.

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WSB uses proven methods, as well as creative and innovative approaches, to help educate your citizens on project details, and WSB customize community engagement events that generate public support. This results in a more productive public process, quicker consensus building, and less uncertainty and skepticism around projects.

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Safe Ways to School was brought to you by CCASM. Their team can provide a one-stop-shop for engagement methodology and tactics, conducting independent research using Social Pinpoint, GIS technical, data analysis and report writing services. CCASM can run a program of multiple projects at once for you, capturing and combining a great depth of community insight which is then reported visually on maps for better decision making. They can literally show you “where” your community thinks and “what” they feel and experience – to create safer ways to school, or inform other policy or proposed infrastructure projects.

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Gordley Group

For better than 25 years, Gordley Group has been bringing people, innovative concepts [or methods] and compelling creative together to achieve positive and often exciting results for our clients. Known for creating engaging and effective visual and verbal communication, they are passionate about quality and offer a full range of award-winning services.

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Altometer Business Intelligence

Turn the data you collect into information you can use. Altometer is your success gauge. An agency dedicated to helping you get the most from the data you collect, whether it’s understanding what the numbers are telling you, sorting the qualitative answers you collect or bringing it all to life via visualisations.

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Articulous Communications

Articulous is an engagement, communications and training consultancy specialising in managing complex projects. Their highly experienced team are experts at integrating the practices of communication and engagement to help their clients create relationships with the people who matter most to them. Articulous provide a tailored solution for each project, bringing the right people together to achieve outstanding outcomes on projects that really matter.

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Lucent Quay

Lucent Quay is a full-service communications consulting firm. They add value in three related areas: Consultation & Engagement, Corporate Planning & Development and Marketing & Communications. Using strategy and creativity to deliver transformative solutions that meet the complex needs of today’s business environment. Their approach is a mix of art and science: the art of engagement, relationships and dialogue; the science of metrics, analysis and planning. The result of these interactions is insight and improvement. Each solution is as unique as every client.

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The EnviroIssues team believe that is it possible and absolutely critical to effectively engage the public in conversations about the policies and projects that would change their everyday lives. The EI team know that for a project to succeed, you needed to reach people where they live. Using a range of tools including Social Pinpoint, the public involvement plans they develop and implement ensure that members of a community understood and could comment on the developments that affected their commutes, their water and power systems, and beyond.

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Utile Design thrive on solving complex urban problems in intelligent, pragmatic ways. From theoretical issues that frame policy to the practical implementation of architectural commissions, Utile develops a rigorous, research-based approach to finding the best answers. Their work yields fresh ways to think about how we develop and build our cities, presented with useful, compelling clarity (it’s why they're called Utile).

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