Local Government Digital Consultation Insights

We analyzed a collection of Local Government Master Planning projects to understand how they conduct their digital consultations. How does your strategy compare?

Interactive Maps are the preferred digital engagement tool for Local Governments seeking feedback on their Master Plans.

More unique online visitors to your consultation site does not guarantee increased engagement.

55% of users accessed the tool via mobile, 39% accessed via desktop and 6% accessed via tablet – so, a responsive platform is essential!

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Instant Access Infographics

Over the years, we have condensed an incredible amount of information into quite a few infographics. Whether you need some new office decoration, or require a quick guide – we've got you covered.

Increasing participation rates and driving traffic to your project is a lot easier when you have the foundations of a marketing campaign all mapped out and ready to go.

While social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter can add value to your project when used correctly, they tend to produce a considerably different response to purpose built engagement tools.

Wanting to remove and skepticism or barriers surrounding community engagement? Helping your community understand why participation is important is critical – here are a few encouraging options. 

Complementing your traditional consultation methods with online community engagement is the way of the future. 

When timeframes are tight and resources are limited, community engagement is often overlooked. Overcoming these roadblocks to engagement is possible if you are prepared.

There are so many ways to get your message out there and increase participation in your project, we recommend a mix of these nine different ways to help increase participation. 

Ensuring your next engagement project reaches all the right people is pretty important. Therefore, identifying these stakeholder groups and what part they will play will help your planning.

Community engagement often involves contentious issues that evoke emotional responses from the community. We’ve put together a few methods that will help manage and minimize the spread of misinformation.

A good engagement question is relevant, well-written, easy to answer and should provide you with valuable insight. It’s definitely not an easy task so we put together some tips that will simplify the process.

We spent some time with Merryn Spencer, Engagement and Strategy Manager at Sutherland Shire Council and she shared her eight tips to improve engagement in local government. 

Before implementing an established engagement strategy, you need a plan. There’s four crucial steps to consider in the project planning process that will help you considerably.