Social Pinpoint is an intuitive drag & drop mapping tool for engaging your community in projects & planning. Allowing community members to add categorised feedback to a live map gathering GIS information & stakeholder input.


Drag & Drop Interface

Stakeholders can easily add comments by intuitively selecting a marker category & then dragging it to the map.


Live Activity Feed

The live & filterable activity feed shows all comments made on the project also displaying any links or images added.


Add Your Brand

Use your own logo for the your project so your stakeholders recognise your project.


All Media Available

Rich media is available in all comments as well as info markers. They support, hyperlinks, image & even video.


Secure hosting

We host all projects on secure cloud hosting & provide a unique url for your project.


GIS Integration

Social Pinpoint is compatible with most GIS file formats & will work with you to display your data correctly.


Project Setup

Project Information

Add your project information explaining what it's about, what you hope to gain & the ongoing process to keep your stakeholders engaged.


Select Markers

Add the markers required for your project feedback. Select an icon & colour per marker & assign a category.


Project Areas

Use GIS location data to outline your project area. Use multiple layers, outlines or fills & identify layers in the on screen key. 


Info Markers

Add rich data for your stakeholders via on map information markers with extra info, photo’s & video.


Launch Project


Share your project via it's unique url or users or yourself can share any comment boosting engagement. 


Collect Comments

Collect comments on your project 24/7 & let users interact in their own time. Receiving not only comments but images & GIS specific data.


Categories Comments

Categories comments via the marker types & your own set of private categories as they are received, giving you filterable data.


Respond & Moderate

Approve & respond to comments as they arrive with notifications sent to your project admins email & sleep easy with our profanity filter.



Export Project Reports

View your projects progress in real time via the dynamic dashboard & collate your data into .PDF graphs & .CVS files for easy reporting.


Inform Decisions

Collect more comments than using traditional methods & see greater insights with richer & filterable data from your stakeholders to help your project decisions.