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The Town of Pinpoint is often referred to as the powerhouse of Australia’s North West, recognised as the nexus of a resource-driven economy.  

In line with international trends, the Town recognises the unique value of the region’s identity and unique history. This opportunity is further detailed in the Town’s recently released Arts and Culture Strategy 2020-2024, which specifies key strategic priorities for the Town both in fostering community cohesion and engagement and attracting a wider visitor base. 

The Arts and Culture Strategy 2020-2024 identifies the opportunity for a Public Art Strategy, to inform the ongoing management and development of the Town’s public art collection under an aspirational vision and diversify the program in line with community feedback.  

For Pinpoint, there is an opportunity for public art to represent best practice benchmarks, and act as attractions. In order to do so, a practical and overarching vision is required, which details how the Town will resource, program and grow their public art collection and sector.  

We want to ensure that your voice matters throughout this consultation process. 

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