New Feature – Auto Tagging

Data is everything in community engagement, but time and resources are always a challenge when analyzing feedback.

Social Pinpoint’s Auto-Tagging feature allows you to quickly identify and apply tags to responses without needing to manually review and tag each piece of feedback.

Save Time

Using the power of machine learning, Social Pinpoint will analyze stakeholder responses to identify key phrases from your consultation. Once key phrases have been identified, admins will be able to create tags and apply a rule that will automatically tag any current or future occurrences of that key phrase, saving you hours of manual review.

See it in action!



  1. View your identified key phrases during or post consultation
  2. Create your tags
  3. Drag key phrases into the tag box to apply this tag to all current and future occurrences of that phrase

Some big updates on the way…

2020 will be our biggest year yet with the ultimate goal of helping engagement practitioners spend more time with their community members, and less time analyzing stakeholder feedback.

You can expect a completely redesigned Page Builder allowing you to easily create the most customized engagement sites of any engagement platform and a continued focus on improving our world-class engagement tools.

Whats coming?

Here is a sneak peek at some of the upcoming features you’ll get access to over the next few months

  • Pages redesign allowing more layouts and customization
  • Survey enhancements allowing for advanced question types and logic
  • Advanced Admin permissions and additional Admin role types

Contact us

Our team is here to help and we are always on the lookout for beta testers of new features. If you are interested in signing up or just want to chat about all things engagement, contact us.

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