New Feature – Advanced Survey Logic

Surveys remain one of the most popular tools for engaging community members and often play an integral part in collecting feedback and from stakeholders.

We know that creating engaging and easy to use surveys is not only important to our admins but also stakeholders; which is why we have introduced skip logic and conditional logic into our survey builder.

The new skip logic will allow you to easily send stakeholders from one question to another depending on their response and conditional logic will allow you to make advanced surveys easier for participants to submit by setting specific visibility rules based on the answers provided to previous questions.

This added functionality is quick and easy to use and can be included wherever surveys can be placed across any Social Pinpoint tools.

Check it out...


How to set it up...

  1. Create your survey questions
  2. Select the 'visible if' option
  3. Add your variables
  4. Add the survey to your project

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