New Feature: Custom Profanity Filter


Social Pinpoint creates a safe and engaging place that stakeholders can contribute their feedback on projects and initiatives that affect them, however, sometimes conversations can get off-topic or become inappropriate.

What is Custom Profanity Filter?

Each project is different, so our profanity filter should be too! Social Pinpoint’s new custom profanity filter allows admins to configure specific words, phrases, and emails to be automatically moderated from the public allowing admins to be confident that nothing inappropriate will make it onto the site.

How does it work?

Social Pinpoint already uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to automatically moderate profanity, negative themes, URL’s and images and now you can expand on that technology by adding custom words to the ‘Response Moderation’ list. Admins will also be able to add words to the ‘Exception List’ if there are words or phrases that are automatically moderated that they want to allow to be visible publicly.

image 1

In addition to custom moderation, admins will now be able to automatically moderate responses from a particular email address or user in order to prevent one particular person, organization, or group from becoming the loud minority and create bias throughout the project.

image 2

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