Case Study – Western Upgrades

Melbourne has experienced more growth than any other Australian state in the past 12 years. Almost 60 percent of this growth was experienced in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. Vicroads aspires to improve the operation of the road network, safety, travel times and provide better access to employment centres, freight hubs, and recreation spaces.


According to VicRoads, it was originally a $1.8 billion investment, the road upgrades include more than 700 kilometers of road extending from Werribee to Footscray.

Melbourne is continually finding ways to keep up with the rapid growth required in the outer suburban arterial road network. They are aware upgrades are needed to improve community and road safety, decrease travel times and ease transportation.

The City of Melbourne wanted to encourage community engagement through their online portal, engage VicRoads - which included an interactive map.  As of July 2017, VicRoads has over 40 projects with us.

Want to find out how VicRoads reached 860 comments? Or are you interested in how VicRoads achieved an average engagement level of 16 minutes? Click to read the full case study.