Case Study – Duluth Traverse Trail

Confluence is a landscape architecture, planning and urban-design firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The 100-mile track is a natural, multi-use trail designed to give a unique mountain biking experience.

Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores (COGGS), an influential not-for-profit biking group, helped build and maintain the track. However, they are relying on community engagement to assist with the completion, maintenance, and management of the Duluth Traverse Trail.


Currently, the Duluth Traverse Trail has been completed in segments. To complete the project, the City created a master plan to fund and connect the trail segments together to create one continuous trail.

The project has received an overwhelming amount of responses and community-action so far. Want to find out more about the success of the Duluth Transverse Trail? Read the full case study.