Advanced Mapping Features for Multi-Design Projects


Many planning projects include a public outreach strategy where two design options are presented to the public with a goal to gather input from residents on which option they prefer and why. It is now easier to display multiple designs for one project in the same area with our advanced mapping features.

We’ve recently added new features to our advanced mapping functionality to make it even easier to engage when seeking feedback on different project design considerations. Using our GeoSurvey workflow, steps can be linked to various actions in your map to change the zone/layer visibility, map position and zoom settings to enable you to consult on different topics or design options within one map. This is a great way to create a simple user experience for complex projects.

The City of Newcastle spent a month using an interactive map to gather input from residents for their master plan for a park and playground. From this input, they have put together three separate concepts for the park. They are now asking community members to review the three concepts and comment on what they like and dislike on each concept.

They are using Social Pinpoint advanced mapping features to display three different options in the same location on this map. They hope to gather community input from this interactive map to make any necessary changes to the plan and choose which concept will best suit the needs of the community.

These unique mapping features enable you to be even more creative with your planning project. You can guide users through a survey, display multiple project concepts on separate areas of your map, or display different ideas or options on the same location on your map.

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