2017 IAP2 North American Conference

Social Pinpoint will be attending this years IAP2 North American Conference.

The events of the past twelve months have left many people in the public participation community wondering, "What is the future of the practice?" With the changes we’re seeing in the world today, what role does P2 play? Does it have any place at all?"

These are hard questions, and the Sixth Annual IAP2 North American Conference will be the place to address them and try to find the answers. You’ll be able to discuss the issues in depth with your IAP2 colleagues in a welcoming environment, working together to meet the challenge of change while surrounded by the Colorado Rockies.

  • Do you want to learn about and discuss the challenges and opportunities currently facing the P2 profession?
  • Is it time to upgrade your skill set? This is an opportunity to learn from your peers about how they deliver good P2.
  • Are you looking to connect with individuals and companies who are like-minded and driven like you?

The conference is expected to attract worldwide participants from diverse backgrounds including government, industry, education, healthcare, community organizations and non-profit groups.

This is a unique time for practitioners, students, policy makers, community advocates, community developers, planners and researchers to advance the thinking and practice of public participation. Join us!

Read more about the conference on the IAP2 website here